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Our Team

Pastor Francis Rogers - Children's Home Director

Francis Rogers was born to a Muslim father and raised in a small village near the location of what would become the children’s home.  His father had many different wives in a multitude of locations and gave little attention to him, his mother and siblings. At the age of 9, his father died and his life changed. As a young man he worked as a house keeper for the local mining company where he met the love of his life, Agnes.  Francis and Agnes married and had 4 children.  During the war, they, like so many others, fled to the capital to escape the horrors imposed by the rebels.  At wars end Francis had already given his life to Christ and worked as a manager of a security company.  Financially he was doing well, but God led him to service.  He trained to become a pastor and followed God’s vision to build a church in Moribatown and care for the impoverish children in the area.  Against many odds and financial insecurity he moved to the struggling, devastated area.  Today, Pastor Rogers is a man held with the utmost esteem as he wears many hats in his community.  Francis is the senior pastor in his district with over 15 church plants in his care.  He is the director of the children’s home and is on the board of directors at the Christian school his church developed. He is a child and woman’s advocate with the police, is on the Community Relations Board for the mining company, and is the owner of a very small lumber business.  All the while he cares not only for his own family, but also for his mother, sister, nieces, and a group of orphans he took off the streets prior to the children’s home being built.  His integrity, honesty, and faith set him apart from most leaders in the area.  He gives all the glory and honor to the Lord. 

Phil d'Entremont - Project Director

Phil d’Entremont is a carpenter by trade who felt the call to salvation in his life as a teenager.  He prayerfully considered God’s will for his life and purpose.  In 2008 the opportunity arose to travel to Sierra Leone, West Africa and establish a feeding station for orphaned children.  It was at this time that Phil was led to go on this short term mission trip.  During this visit the Lord burdened Phil’s heart for the needy, orphaned children of this country.  It was out of the God led vision of Pastor Francis Rogers and the divinely appointed meeting of Phil that the Sierra Leone Project was born.  The project started as a child sponsorship program, lifting the children from poverty and giving them hope for their future.  He has seen the hand of God working through this project, His faithfulness, His perfect timing, and His goodness.  Our God is father to the fatherless.  It is Phil’s honor to serve as the director of the Sierra Leone Project of New Hope Initiative and he is honored that Christ would see fit to use him in this capacity. 

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