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Pastor Michael Samu

I was born in the Bonthe district of Mattru Jong to Christian parents who became converted from a Muslim background to a Catholic belief.

I took up teaching with Logos Christian Academy where I prepared the 1st NPSE class who emerged with 100% passing rate to a higher school. Then I worked at the Sierra Rutile mines charged with the responsibility of sand mining dredge equipment.

Before accepting Jesus, my life was surrounded by fear and stomachache that spans over 12 years. In 2008, by a spirit led visitation to Faith Healing Bible Church at Sierra Rutile, my life from fear and sickness never remained the same. My passion for freedom from sin and sickness emerged from a life transforming message titled: “come out of your comfort zone” from the text in Genesis 12:1-3. I was persuaded to grab the opportunity for breakthroughs as I tirelessly avail myself for outright obedience to the message of salvation to date.

In 2011, I finally accepted the call and was inspired to go on a fishing assignment in a nearby town called Mattagelema through constant repetition (second time since 2010) from the text of Jude 1:21-23. Grateful to God by his grace and passion for a sick society stinged by sin and diseases, I can now testify to a percentage of souls turned into righteousness through evangelism as well as home cells, and currently glory to God for the structure of assembly to glorify God all under my leadership as fruit of obedience to the call.

I am married with 2 children and 2 adopted in the Lord.

Samu foster kids.jpg

The woman seated is a former Muslim who gave her life to Christ. She is a widow and is cared for by Pastor Samu. The 2 children are also in his care as foster children.

Samu school Bogati village.jpg

Some really cool things are happening in Batogie Village - a village way out in the bush. With the funds Pastor Samu receives, he started a school that currently meets in an empty warehouse that is not in use during the off season. We had a recent donation to build a school and look forward to posting an update about that soon. There are 6 teachers, all of them volunteers.

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