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Pastor Abdul Bangali

I was born in 1973 in a small village callled Fomaya in the Kpanda Kemoh chiefdom. At 8 years old I started my primary school education in a village called Lawana in the same chiefdom. In 1987/88 school year I entered the Imperi Secondary School in Moribatown. Later I transferred to the government secondary school in Bo. In 1991, I came to know Christ during a crusade held by an American evangelist named Erik Kaoly. After several years with Christ, my uncle who was paying my school fee, died prematurely, the time I needed him most. I had to go back to my village and life's challenges started.

Over 20 years later, God relocated me during a conference. Before this time many things went wrong. I am now a missionary in Talia. This village is where the Kamajer society was located during the civil and rebel war. In this village many innocent souls were killed as you still hear about it even today. Life is very challenging in this part of the world because lots of evil is practiced here. There are a lot of mosquitoes and it gets very cold during the rainy season.

I lost my wife about 10 years ago but I have remarried a beautiful wife, Sarah. We have 4 children.

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Pastor Abdul has started a large agricultural project to help his community.

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