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Pastor Peter Gassimu

I'm Peter Gassimu, native of Gangama, Impere chiefdom, Bonthe District. I was born and raised up by my fanatic Muslim parents, Mr. Tommy Gassimu and Madam Agnes Seiboi. Because both of my parents were committed Muslim, I too was raised up to be a Muslim. According to the Muslim belief, it is a curse for any Muslim parent to allow their children to become a Christian. They believe that all Christians are haram, meaning they are serving a foreign god. In fact, they are not allowed to associate or even eat together with Christians. In our village everyone brings their food together in the evening to eat just after the evening Muslim prayer, so if you don't pray, you don't eat. That was how I was raised up in a very strong and committed Muslim way.

After I had gone through my educational career, I secured a job at Sierra Rutile Limited still being a Muslim. Throughout my life things were not actually working well for me. One day a Christian friend of mine invited me to visit his church, but I told him I am a Muslim and my parents will not allow me to go to church at all. But my friend consistently continued to talk to me about Christ and his love he showed to mankind. One day I took a chance and hid from my parents and visited my friends church. My parents later realized that I went to church and they were seriously mad with me and warned me never to do that again. When I visited the church, the Christians demonstrated serious love and concern to me which was contrary to what they used to tell us as Muslims. With my friend consistently talking to me about the love of Christ for mankind, including me, I started changing my mindset for Christianity. I started paying regular visits to the church despite the challenges I was having with my parents. One day I decided to become a Christian because of the love I saw the Christians showing me. After this decision, my parents abandoned me and chased me out of their home. I went to the pastor and he welcomed me. There were many attempts by the pastor to talk to my parents but to no avail. I finally decided to stay on my own following Jesus.

I continued to pray for my parents for their salvation. I continued to preach Jesus to them. By the grace of God, my mother and all of my brothers and sisters are Christians now. Only my dad is still a Muslim. In 2003, I had a call of God to resign my job for ministry which I obeyed. That was how I got saved and my decision to follow Jesus brought salvation to my mother, brothers and sisters.

From the time I obeyed the call of God to resign my job for ministry, I have established 6 churches. I always find pleasure in preaching the gospel to the lost souls, more especially in the villages where most pastors do not want to go. I decided to abandon my comfort and suffer with Christ in the mission field.

I am married to my wonderful wife Rebecca with 9 children.

Peter church building under construction.jpg
Peter church meeting place.jpg
Peter living quarters.jpg

Peter is currently working on building a church,.

This is where the church meets currently - in a building which is used to show soccer games. So church cannot meet there when games are on.

This is a storage room where Peter and his family live. 

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