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Merit Cynthia Malikie

Merit Cynthia Malikie

Merit was born in May of 2012 to an Islamic family living in abject poverty in a very remote village. Her constant poor nutrition kept her sickly. Three years later the mother became pregnant again. At the seventh month of pregnancy, the father went “in search of” money to provide for the family. It was a lie as he abandoned them and has never been seen since. The mother gave birth to twins, Frida and Elfrida, in December of 2015. Life for the girls was very difficult to the point that it was as if they were serving a death sentence. During an evangelical drive, Pastor Rogers and his church leaders came across the family. They knew they needed to intervene for the safety of the children. The church began providing food to the family. Over several months, the girls’ health improved, but it was clear the mother was unable to support them. The mother was overjoyed when Pastor Rogers asked her to turn the girls over to the children’s home. The display of Christ’s love upon her family has led the mother to renounce her membership in the satanic female secret society and give her life to Christ. Please pray for her safety and well-being as she may become ostracized by her family and community for this decision.

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