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Caleb F. Rogers

Caleb F. Rogers

Caleb’s mother has undiagnosed mental incapacities to the point that she is unable to make wise decisions for herself as well as care for herself or Caleb. While living with her mother she became pregnant. Upon hearing news, the man took off. Caleb’s grandmother was now forced to deal with the consequences. She found a family in the city that “adopted” Caleb. She was excited that Caleb would have a brighter future. Within a few months, that excitement turned to despair. She went to visit Caleb and found him being unloved, unattended, and very sick. He was near death. She could not believe the family would allow this to happen. She took Caleb back to her home in Moribatown. She went to the
church and asked Pastor Rogers and the elders for help. They were able to get him the medical treatment he needed. He was placed under the care of Mommy Emma at the home until he was strong enough to rejoin his grandmother. During that time, it became evident that his grandmother had very little and was struggling to provide for herself, Caleb’s mother, and her 7 year old son, James. The decision was made to bring Caleb and his uncle James into the children’s home. The display of Christian love has empowered the grandmother to take a strong stance for Christ in her community.

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