Sheku Sheriff

Sheku was young when he lost his father in the war. He had a stepfather who took care of him and he grew up thinking he was his father. His mother found out she had cancer on her foot so they amputated it. Someone needed to take care of her so he stayed home from school for 2 years to care for her. His stepfather was no encouragement. His mother was given a false foot and doing well so she was thinking of sending Sheku back to school. His stepfather got angry and kicked him out because he was not his child. He went to live with his grandfather and was going to school but it wasn't a very good school. Pastor Francis heard his story and took him to the home so he could go to the Christian school. After living in the home, Sheku became a Christian and has a very strong faith. He would like to be a pilot.

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Photos courtesy of Josh Etheridge